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ICS believes in more than just powering connections, we understand the profound impact our industry can have on the built environment.  Our green initiatives will continue to grow and evolve as we do, and we’re committed to integrating eco-friendly practices into every aspect of our business.

At each stage of our journey, we will do our part in contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.


With the aim of reducing environmental impacts of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), the New Zealand Green Building Council offers credits towards a building’s Green-Star rating for PVC made using Best Environmental Practice (BEP).

After undergoing an extensive audit process by a Green Star accredited third-party certifier, our ICS manufacturing facility has been independently certified to meet the Green Building Council’s best practice guidelines for PVC both in Australia and New Zealand.

This confirms that ICS cable is manufactured using BEP for PVC, and when specified in New Zealand commercial buildings will gain credits towards the building’s Green-Star rating.



Conventional cables, when ignited, release toxic fumes and corrosive gases, posing a threat to human health and causing harm to the surrounding ecosystem.


LSZH cables are engineered with materials that, in the event of a fire, emit minimal smoke and no halogenated compounds - reducing the emission of harmful substances, ensuring a safer working, and living environment.

Traditionally used in applications where fire-safety is critical, LSZH cable is fast-becoming the choice for projects that prioritise environmental responsibility alongside human safety.

In an effort to make it more viable for our customers to choose this environmentally-conscious solution, ICS carries consistently good stock levels of LSZH cable across all our ranges.


Countless numbers of cable drums enter our warehousing facility each month. Some are sent on to our customers across New Zealand, and others are recycled.

Traditional electrical cable drums are made up of solid wood and metal. Each week, our team dismantles the drums that are to be recycled – the metal is taken to our local scrap metal recycling plant, and the wood is collected by an innovative Kiwi company, Reharvest® Timber Products Ltd.

Reharvest® makes premium recycled woodchips out of industrial wood waste, including our cable drums. Their woodchip mulch products are used as garden mulch, equestrian mulch, and as playground surfacing - the only 5-star rated certified playground mulch in New Zealand.

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